The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor (Stereo)
The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor (Stereo)
The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor (Stereo)
The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor (Stereo)
The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor (Stereo)
The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor (Stereo)

The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor (Stereo)

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The ultimate communications ear-piece for comfort and speech intelligibility.

The Bubblebee Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor Stereo is a virtually invisible IFB cuing & communications ear-piece designed to delivery a superior experience in both comfort and intelligibility.

The Sidekick features the world’s first micro driver solution where the entire driver fits comfortably and invisibly in the ear canal, eliminating the need for acoustic tubes, practically invisible, crystal-clear cues, even in noisy environments.


The Sidekick is so small that it is not visible when worn in the ear. The cable loop takes the cable behind the ear, so it is also hidden from sight.

Using the Sidekick with the "Satellite" eartip allows you to hear the ambience of your surroundings like normal while having crystal-clear cues and comms.

Wear your Sidekick Stereo set for 20 hours straight with no fatigue. Each earpiece weights just 360 milligrams excluding the cable.

With kevlar-reinforced cables, The Sidekick is made to last. The eartips are easy to clean and the drivers' filters are easily replaceable with the included tool.

The high quality drivers ensure that speech is heard with crystal-clear fidelity in all environments.

The TRS minijack connector means compatibility with any wireless receiver, accessory or phone.

The Sidekick's kevlar-reinforced cable can be disconnected and swapped for brown or clear, curly or straight cables, available as accessories.

Manufactured in Denmark with quality and comfort in mind.

Up to 20 Hours of Comfort

With its extremely small and lightweight footprint, The Sidekick Stereo is an excellent alternative to other inear monitors such as earwigs and acoustic tubes as it is able to be worn for 20-hour shifts with no fatigue.

What's Included

1 x The Sidekick In-Ear IFB Monitor, Stereo
(either Clear or Brown variant)
1 x Protective carry case
2 x The Satellite eartip (S), for full ambience
2 x The Cowbell eartip (M), for medium ambience
2 x The Christmas Tree eartip (M), for low ambience
1 x The Hippo clothing clip
4 x The Filter replacement tool


Introducing The Sidekick:



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