Sound quality is too often brushed over as incidental on film and TV productions. We praise the sound recordists out there making waves, chasing better quality recordings and pressing the importance of the art of sound recording. Windchasers is new series of mini-documentaries and interviews. We meet production sound mixers and explore exotic sound locations to do tests – often windy tests – using the latest technology and equipment to focus on overcoming problems, pushing the boundaries for the best resulting sound quality.

Episode 2:
L.A. Sound with Kally Williams

We take a trip with Sound Mixer Kally Williams and have a good old chat about what it's like to work in the film and tv sound industry in Los Angeles. She shares insight into one of the most vibrant filmmaking communities in the world, good experiences, pitfalls, tips, hopes for the future, and talks about her blue fetish. Also, Poul is now considering a presidential campaign. Thanks Kally!

Episode 1:
Cruising The Strip with Rado Stefanov

We cruise The Strip with Las Vegas local Production Sound Mixer Rado Stefanov. This candid interview is a raw, behind the scenes dive into the mind of a respected sound recordist, challenges he faces and problem solving in the name of better sound.

Episode 3 Coming Soon...

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