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New Bubblebee Lav Concealer for Sanken COS-11 Makes Hiding It Easy

Announcing the brand new Lav Concealer for Sanken COS-11: A customizable concealer clip and shock mount for the COS-11 lavalier microphone in one! It's made of a special rubber composite that absorbs vibration and friction noise. This both creates much needed space around the COS-11 capsule and stops vibration or friction noise from reaching it, making your hidden mic recordings even better. Multiple Placement Options The Lav Concealer for COS-11 includes a removable / movable clothing clip and fabric guard. Use the clip in 4 different positions to mount The Lav Concealer as you see fit, whether it be a tie knot mount, bra mount, button-seam mount on a shirt or a mount directly on the skin under a T-shirt....

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