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Bubblebee Industries makes some of the world's finest audio accessories for professional film and broadcast sound mixers worldwide. These are stories from production sound mixers, location sound recordists, boom operators, cameramen and more using Bubblebee Industries sound tools 'in the wild'.

Chris Welcker: Production Sound, Mentors, Teams and Espresso Machines

We first met Production Sound Mixer Chris Welcker at a sandwich shop in New Orleans having lunch with Justin and Lukas from SoundHard. A New Orleans local all his life, Chris started out in music and media and quickly found his niche in production sound. Since 2007 he has worked his way up through an impressive list of films including 12 Years a Slave, Jurassic World, Keanu, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Queen & Slim,

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Michaela Girouard: Booming New Orleans

Michaela Girouard is a versatile and highly-experienced freelance boom operator/utility sound technician, currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana. She’s worked on a range of productions including Preacher, Darlin’, Take Your Pills, Synchronic and Hot Date, all of which have brought unique sets of audio challenges to the table. We find out more about her and what it's like to work in the New Orleans film industry.

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An Interview with Bamfsound - Matt Brodnick & Ferdinand Almalvez

Bamfsound is Matt Brodnick and Ferdinand Almalvez, two production sound mixers who hail from Los Angeles. Their extensive experience ranges from film and documentaries to TV series and commercial work with credits including Everest, Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge, Motor City Masters, Beauty in the Broken, Dirty Money, L.A. Confidential and most recently Makhaliss, due for release in Japan.

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