Invisible Lav Covers Original and Fur Outdoor Comparison at Lake Havasu, Arizona

Invisible Lav Covers - Original and Invisible Lav Covers - Fur Outdoor

We had the chance to do a test comparison of two variants of Bubblebee Invisible Lav Covers - Original and Fur Outdoor at London Bridge Beach in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. There was a fair wind out: ideal conditions for using The Invisible Lav Covers to record clean and clear dialogue.

The Invisible Lav Covers - Original is a lavalier mic'ing kit including 9 pieces of reusable special mesh fabric squares, made of an acoustically transparent material. These squares protect your lav mic from direct contact with clothing or fabrics in tight spaces and hold space around the capsule so its frequency response is as close to natural as possible for a hidden mic. Also included are 30 pieces of Invisible Lav Tape, a hypo-allergenic double sided tape that with a very strong bond. That makes for a total of 30 professional, compact, great-sounding mounts per pack.

The Invisible Lav Covers - Fur Outdoor are pre-cut Piece-A-Fur squares, with heavier protective properties against wind and friction noise. The unique type of fur slows down wind and the open back material allows the sound through with minimal changes to the frequency response. Hiding your lav mic with the ILC Fur Outdoor will offer protection from wind, leaving your outdoor recordings clear and sounding great. Also use these when clothing noise is high, to separate layers of fabric in tight spots. Any movement will be made quieter against this Bubblebee's special fur.

The Test:

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